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South Germany UG Services International, or short-SGS International, is a full-service agency for the care of Arab patients in Germany. We offer a wide range of services: consulting service, patient service and many additional services - all these before, during or after arrival in Germany.


Since 2005, we implemented a wide variety of care. In that time we have gained valuable experience that can benefit you today. We will always meet your individual requirements and work out and fulfill the best possible solutions for you.


Corporate Values


We see ourselves not only as a service provider but as a partner to our clients. SGS International and each member of its staff is committed to ensure that - the legitimate right of the client to high quality, comprehensive service and

absolute transparency is always preserved, - that by prudent and thoughtful planning and acting the satisfaction of the client

always secured is, - the cooperation within the company as well as to all our stakeholders such as

clients, service providers, cooperation- and business partner is affected by respect

and responsibility, - there is always a healthy and transparent value for money. - that the well-being and health of the patient comes before all economic interests. - we always devote ourselves with compassion, kindness and respect for the patient.




 Tel: + 49 (0) 8031- 7983410 Tel: + 49 (0) 8031- 7983411Fax: + 49 (0) 8031- 7983412

Oberaustr. 34 / D- 83026  Rosenheim - Germany










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